Haunted Houses

While haunted houses used to be pretty simple, they’ve grown to be some of the closest experiences you can home to the stories of Halloween. Today’s haunted houses will play with your sanity. Some haunted houses even take place entirely outdoors. These are a great way to feel the terror of walking through a haunted cornfield at nighttime, having no idea what will jump out at you next. As you race through the cornfields and the mazes, you’re heart is sure to be pumping. Even scarier are some of the haunted houses that offer scares up close and personal. In Tampa, you’re minutes away from cowering in fear from a raving psychopath as you travel through his streets. Or, you can simply try to keep your sanity as you wander through a cemetery filled with ghosts who still harbor ill-feelings hundreds of years laters.

While Halloween is great for the kids, there are still plenty of options to keep the holiday spirit for the adults. One of the best options for this is to visit some of the great Tampa Bay haunted houses on a party bus. With a party bus, you can bring a whole group along with you. This is the best way to visit a haunted house that is located an hour or some from you. Grab a couple drinks, a scary movie or even some Halloween music to reach the perfect ambiance before you hit your destination. Most importantly, with highly experienced drivers, you can make sure you reach the destination in safety.

To help you plan the perfect night for visiting a haunted house, here are some of the best Tampa haunted houses you can find.

Murder House

A few years back, the town of Tampa was taken over by the Thrill Kill, and this is where Murder House picks up the story. As you wander through the streets, you’ll come face to face with the victims, survivors and perpetuators of the Thrill Kill. It’s anarchy here, pure and evil. The blood and gore here make this one of the most brutal Tampa haunted Houses. You’ll face “America’s Greatest Killers”, including faces like the Kat Killer, one of the most terrifying evil villains you can come across, the Butcher, a psychotic serial killer who wears a pig mask, and Sweets the Clown, an ex-gamer who has turned his frustrations onto the women of Tampa. There are about a dozen or so of theses infamous killers, so get ready for a truly scary haunted house experience. Due to the intense blood and violence here, this attraction is best for adults, although kids are welcome if their parents are present.

Hellview Cemetery

One trip through the Hellview Cemetery, and you’ll be spooked to the core. Story goes that the cemetery has been there since before even Native American settled the area. As you travel through the cemetery, you’ll come across characters like Madame Oar, a succubus-like woman who inherited the riches of a 1600s pirate. Today, she haunts the visitors of Madame Oar’s Boathouse. One of the creepiest places in Hellview Cemetery is the Play Room. The room is haunted by the ghost of Emily, a young girl who drowned after running into a creek to save her teddy bear. Emily is still seeking revenge for the boys who threw her bear into the creek 100 years ago — so bullies beware. This in hands-down one of the creepiest Tampa Haunted Houses. It relies more on ambience than jumps and screams, so it’s a great attraction for those looking for just a little bit of spookiness.

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