Limousine Bus Tampa's Fleet

15 Passenger Limousine Bus

Our 15 Passenger Limousine Bus is a great option for smaller groups looking to have the most amount of fun in Tampa.

It has lovely leather seating around the perimeter, loud sound systems, hardwood flooring, as well as neon lighting.

20 Passenger Limousine Bus

How about a spin in this 20 Passenger Limousine Bus for your next bachelor or bachelorette party, or night out on the town?

Comes with a roomy interior that includes polished wooden flooring, ice filled bar areas, dancing poles, and tinted windows.

22 Passenger Limousine Bus

How does a 22 Passenger Limousine Bus sound for your bar hopping in Tampa, or perhaps a school dance, wedding, or corporate event?

This limousine bus has tinted windows for your privacy, chrome dancing pole, laser lighting, dancing hardwood floors, and subwoofer speakers!

26 Passenger Limousine Bus

Our 26 passenger party bus is a perfect mid-sized option. This stylish party bus has a fully customized interior with the most in-demand features and amenities.

Inside this bus you'll find limo-style leather seats, colorful lights, a dance pole, beautiful wood floors, TVs, a DVD player, and of course a beverage cooler!

28 Passenger Limousine Bus

Next up in size is our 28 passenger party bus and a beautiful bus it is! This bus has a great surround sound audio system and Bluetooth connectivity.

On board this bus is a four 40" TVs, a DVD player, wood floors, a dance pole, and of course a beverage cooler. There's even a restroom on board!

32 Passenger Limousine Bus

Here's a great midsized limousine bus for you and 30 of your friends looking to have a great time adventuring the Tampa area.

Features include premium bar areas, spacious dance floors, color changing neon lighting, wraparound leather seating, and more.

34 Passenger Limousine Bus

Our 34 passenger party bus is perfect for any type of party! This may look like a school bus from the outside, but inside it's outstanding!

Inside this bus is plush leather seats, vibrant color-changing lights, TVs, a DVD player, and a cooler. Drink, dance, and party it up on this bus!

38 Passenger Limousine Bus

Our 38 passenger party bus is a spacious option that's loved by all! If you've got a big group, it's the perfect bus! There's plenty on board to entertain you.

This bus has a 5000 watt sound system, Bluetooth capabilities, four TVs, a DVD player, and even a PS4. There's a spacious cooler, vibrant lights, and a dance pole!

40 Passenger Limousine Bus

Our beautiful 40 passenger party bus has a white exterior and a red and black leather interior with beautiful wood floors.

On this bus you'll also find a spacious cooler so you can keep all of your drinks chilled, TVs, DVD player, CD player, iPod hookup, and more.

42 Passenger Limousine Bus

Our beautiful, custom designed 42 passenger limousine bus is one of our very largest party buses, and it is a monstrous choice for a party.

On the interior you'll find a nightclub style neon lighting, granite topped bar areas, stripper poles, and comfortable perimeter style seating.

42 Passenger Limousine Bus

Another of our big buses is another option for up to 42 passengers. This bus has a shiny black exterior and a custom party interior.

This beautiful bus has gorgeous disco and laser lights, four TVs, two dance poles, a DVD player, Bluetooth audio, CD player, and more.

45 Passenger Limousine Bus

Our biggest bus is our 45 passenger party bus! This bus has allt he most in demand entertainment features and even a rest room!

This big bus has plush leather seating, a dance pole, vibrant lights, a great 6000 watt sound system, a CD player, Bluetooth, and more.

Rolls Royce

Our Rolls Royce is sure to turn some heads! This vehicle is the very epitome of luxury.

This Rolls Royce has a beautiful red leather interior and a spacious place for your drinks.

Cadillac Escalade SUV

Have you considered a Cadillac Escalade for your next trip in Tampa? This SUV is great for pick up and drop off services.

You'll find quality leather seating, tinted windows, climate controlled interior for your comfort, and room for luggage.

Avalon Hybrid Sedan

Take a look at our amazing Avalon Hybrid! Easy on the environment and even easier on the eyes, you're bound to enjoy this sedan.

You can recline in the leather seating, enjoy CD's with the radio system, and store your luggage in the spacious trunk area.

Chrysler 300 Sedan

How about this modern, durable, feature filled Chrysler 300 sedan for your next tour of Tampa, date night, or wedding ceremony?

This lovely sedan comes with a handcrafted leather seating for your comfort, as well as storage space for your luggage.

Lincoln Town Car Sedan

Our Lincoln Town Car Sedan is certainly a great option for transportation, as that's what the Town Car is known for!

Climb into this cozy sedan and recline with the leather seating, put in your favorite CD, and put your luggage in the back.

Like what you see?

You'll be glad to know that these vehicles are only a phone call away from being yours for the night.

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