Are you considering renting a limo or party bus for a special occasion? Are you curious about our services, vehicles, policies, or pricing? If so, this page is for you. Below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions of our customers. However, if you prefer to receive customized attention, our agents and specialists are available 24/7 to support you and answer all your doubts. You can contact us via phone or leave us your message in the form below.

You can drink if you're 21 or older, but we don't allow smoking in our vehicles. You can bring as much alcohol as you want. You have unlimited stops, so you can always ask the driver to pull over for a smoke break.

Of course! With iPod and MP3-capable stereo systems, you'll be able to play your own music.

A limousine bus offers more room and more features than your standard limousine does.

Our vehicles do not come with restrooms for the simple fact that the entire bus ends up smelling like one. We'll be happy to stop for your convenience.

If you break something, we'll have to charge you for it. Ask our customer service agents for the contract for more information.

Nope! We have no reason to hide anything from you. We are upfront with all our information. You ask, and we will tell you the answer. We won't ever demand more money before starting your run. The only extra fees you might come across are either if you go over your time with what will be a discussed amount if you damage something or a cleaning fee if the bus is really messy.

Yes, they can! The only thing is that if there are those under 21 in the vehicles, there cannot be any alcohol, even if it's a 5-year-old who clearly doesn't drink. It's the law.

You are not allowed to cancel. You will have to pay for the service even if you can't do it. You cannot change the date of your reservation either. Depending on availability, you might be able to change the time or the vehicle with a good amount of notice time.

Tipping is not mandatory; it's just appreciated. The drivers get fair pay and do not survive off tips. Tipping though is a nice way to show the driver that they performed excellent service. They are usually tipped around $50-100.

That's okay. Just let us know, and continue having fun. We won't charge you a ridiculous charge for going over. It'll be your normal hourly rate, divided into 15 minutes, so you don't pay for time you don't use. For example, if your hourly rate is $100 and you are just 15 minutes over, you'll be charged $25 instead of the full $100 when you didn't even use 45 minutes of it.

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